Media 4 | Interview Video with Jiulio Tami

Thank you Dan Bowden for editing our groups video. We had a blast shooting this little clip. The class today with Jiulio Tami (Documentary Filmmaker) was practical and a lot of fun. Our group set out to test our interview skills in preparation for Project Brief 3. We found that wrangling people to be interviewed was the hardest part of the process. Jiulio did warn us this would be the case, he said that often the hardest part of the interview process is encouraging and convincing participants to be interviewed.

Once we got on a roll, we managed to get some energy flowing and we ended up chatting briefly to around 10 people, 1 of which involved a translator! Our question was “do you think marijuana should be legalised in Australia”? We thought that this would be a question everyone would a) have an opinion on and b) want to talk about it! But we were wrong. People are quite concerned with coming across misinformed or stupid! So i encouraged them to give a gut response.

A fun exercise! We got a lot out of it!

Dan, Fab & Alex


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