A little while ago in class we were asked to go out and do some shooting with the school’s Sony MC50E video cameras. Out into the sun I went with the lovely Nicolette and Bliss, and we filmed three shots of us entering the frame in different formations and with different framing. It took a while to figure out setting the WB, and even figuring out the zoom control as we were used to using SLRs as opposed to video cameras. But in the end we had it down and were able to make noticeable adjustments between each shot. Our favourite was the last shot, in which I shot Bliss and Nicolette walking towards each other and performing the requested handshake and goodbye, but with their heads cut out of the frame. This made for a more unusual take and a unique angle.

Later we used the Zoom recorders to go out and record some sounds around uni. These were a bit trickier to get a handle of since I don’t have a great understanding of audio terms and controls. However, these were the basics we were informed of:

– Signal to noise ratio: the signal is what you want to record, whereas noise is everything else surrounding it.

– Mic gain: is how much noise is let in. Best not to adjust it higher than 0dB, otherwise you’ll get clipping. The best range to stay in is -12 to 16dB.

– Mic pick up shape: a spade sort of shape that exists around the microphone. It’s good to remember this when placing your audio recorder in interviews and such.

Other principles to remember when recording audio are techniques like those you use when you record music; recording in places with soft furnishings that don’t reverb sound, and using cushions, doona covers and rugs to achieve a clearer sound.

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