Welcome to Networks and Nutmeg, a creation stemming from the ever-working brain of Evan Parris. Inside you will find a collection of photos, blogs, pages, transcripts, videos, memes, and anything else I can come up with, each relating to Networks or Nutmeg. Now, I should point out that this blog is about neither string-based trapping device manufacturing or tree-based cooking spices. Networks and Nutmeg are broad, symbolic titles for the two main outlets of writing on this webpage, media studies and creative insanity. As such, the blog is split into the two collections.


As a media student studying at RMIT, I am provided plenty of information and now observe the world around me in a very analytical way. Networks is where I shall post all my media related observations and creations.


Nutmeg is the collection of random ideas, rants, wonderings, monologues, observations of life and the unfiltered, unadulterated insanity that pores through my head and onto the blog posts of this here website. Be warned, this collection is not for the faint of heart.

So sit back (or stand, i don’t mind), relax (or not, it’s your life), and prepare for the time of your life! I guarantee you enjoy yourself!*

*Not an actual guarantee, please don’t sue¬†

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