Today we worked on our project and divided it into separate parts of the project to work on. These were:

-1000 word report, which relates to the studio prompt, as well as documenting the progression of the project over the course of the semester

-blog posts, with embedded sketches, showing the affordances of Snapchat, and how this works within our goal of created an effective skate video within the platform.

-pitch video, which will comprise the majority of the project, which will show exactly how this hybrid platform will operate. It seems unfeasible for us to manipulate Snapchat to create what we intend, as the ‘Our story’ feature is only available to businesses and large events, and definitely out of the budget for this prototype. This video will incorporate elements of Snapchat, in conjunction with theoretical elements not present. As it will be formatted as a pitch, it will be a very descriptive piece, which shows many of the features available.

The sketches that we will work on this week will show the criteria for the skate video.

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