There are two schools of thought when it comes to brainstorming ideas regarding pushing online video, especially in regard to platforms. While broadly discussing ideas for PROJECT THREE, Nate and I found ourselves creating wildly ambitious yet creative ideas surrounding combining differing platforms, such as melding GoPro and Snapchat into a single platform. These ideas were relevant because they explored narrative with online video, which addresses both the studio prompt and our individual prompt.

Whilst these ideas are interesting, I think it will be much easier to create a more tangible idea, in order to create the sketches. A few of the sketches will not involve using a different service to test out how narrative is affected, which was the plan for the majority of the 14 works. An example of this is timeline commenting, as is popular on music-sharing website Soundcloud, but applying it to video instead of just strictly audio. This will be done in Premiere Pro, with graphics illustrating how we would achieve this if it were possible using a readily available service.

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