Another facet of Snapchat is the ‘my story’ option. This can be selected in isolation or in addition to a regular Snapchat. Any content added to a story is viewable by every contact you have, it also has the ability to be replayed an infinite amount of times of the 24 hours that it is online for. Other people’s stories can be viewed in this space, and clips throughout a day build onto one another, so you can watch them in succession.

In relation to our experiments, the video portrayed is the same as in the previous sketch. The option to replay changes the video from a ‘moment’, to something more tangible and real, for lack of a better word. Anything interesting or enjoyable can be watched again, as shown in our sketch of skipping through videos. Because most of the form is conveyed within the nature of the app, story vs. one-time message does not present a huge range of differences, surprisingly.

The genre of skate video can be changed within this platform, by creating a more fragmented narrative. Time and space can be played with in a different way.

The lack of post-production/the streamlined process of creation with Snapchat creates a more naturalistic output, it is less refined in the techniques and production value used. This is re-enforced by the lack of an importing feature, which Vine, a similar user-created video platform, uses. By not having this option, a more organic output occurs, due to the contraints of the application.

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