Snapchat is a mobile application that allows you to send content of a chosen length (1-10 seconds) to contacts that also have the application. These images/videos are traditionally only viewed once, with an option to replay one of these Snapchat messages per day. There is also a personal messaging option, but this was added in a later version and does not really contribute to the overall practicality or purpose of the app.

The experiment we filmed with Snapchat segmented the sequence we created. The general meaning was transferred, but in a highly abridged sense.

Because there is no guaranteed link between clips, in the sense that each Snapchat could have been sent hours apart, as a viewer (familiar with the app) you are not inherently looking for connections between the clips sent. Even though each of the clips were sent with an almost live setting, it is difficult to determine whether they were sent in the same street. It is also the lack of video in-between that also contributes to the overall constraint of the medium as a form to communicate live content.

The narrative was slightly disrupted, but definitely understandable and cohesive. There are gaps in time of filming, but still enough to give it a ‘live’ feel. The narrative changed from being a series of tricks within a clip, to being a collection of tricks, filmed separately. This added extra emphasis upon each trick, as it was more of an individual element than part of a whole.

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