The “Anthropocene”

“The Anthropocene represents a new phase in the history of the Earth, when natural forces and human forces became intertwined, so that the fate of one determines the fate of the other. Geologically, this is a remarkable episode in the history of the planet.”

The concept of the “anthropocene” briefly explored in this blog post (one of our readings for week 12), projects the world as being past the stage of saving. In other words, whatever happens now, the damage has already been done. I found the short extract above particularly interesting in light of how much recent discussion there has been about this topic and about “preparing for the end of the world”. Reflecting on the concept, it’s amazing just how many television shows, movies, books and songs have weighed in or focused on the issue. There are shows about “doomsday preppers” and an incredible number of movies and books centred around dystopian worlds in which the world has ceased to exist as we know it.

Though it’s quite confronting to think about, it’s also fascinating to imagine whether any of these imaginative dystopian predictions will come to pass. I think that’s exactly why it is such a popular focus in the media today.

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