“Noticing” – Week 2 Lectorial Task

Up High
  • Chiming clock

  • Fitness First & Hoyts branding
  • Hanging LED screen rotating still and video advertisements for different brands
  • Lit up screens with digital artwork
  • Signs with train departure times
  • Signs pointing to food outlets, e.g. Hungry Jacks
On the Ground
  • Shop opening hours
  • People texting & carrying branded shopping bags (another form of advertising)
  • Mini screens at the cinema playing trailers and actor interviews for current showing movies
  • Larger screens with short video advertisements
  • Artwork – painting of a woman with wild hair; hand-painted Nike advertisement
  • Banner with brand information and a QR code to scan for more information
  • Warning signs on escalators – required for safety purposes
  • Stores: Coconut Revolution, Batsanis, Jolie & Deen, Peter Alexander, Mimco, etc.
  • Posters around large poles advertising different bands’ new albums and tour dates, a comedy show, etc.

  • Branding on people’s handbags and backpacks
  • Directory signs (what’s on this floor)
  • Background music playing in some shops
  • Galaxy Note, Virgin advertisements on screens dotted around Melbourne Central
  • Movie rental machine
  • Witchery Man: mid-season sale poster in shop window

  • Personal shopping link (melbournecentral.com.au)
  • ‘Filling the Mould’ installation #fillingthemould

In Your Hand
  • Taking photos and videos of the media I saw – iPhone/iPad
During this exercise, I thought about the obvious and the more subtle ways the media creeps into our daily lives. The more I looked around Melbourne Central, I noticed some form of media in every corner, in a range of different forms. I realised that there were some things I noticed straight away, and others that took a minute to consciously register in my mind. This is a fairly clear and simple demonstration of the three levels of noticing. I usually walk past signs and advertisements without thinking twice, but in this instance I purposely sat down, thought about, discussed with my group and made note of my surroundings.