D is for Dreaded Research

Week 6’s lectorial was mostly based around the idea of using media for research.  It included a talk from the librarian on how to utilise the RMIT online library  as well as how to find primary, reliable sources which can prove to be difficult at times.  I think I’ve mentioned in a previous post my intense dislike for research tasks and writing up bibliographies; particularly annotated bibliographies (ew), so it was a good clump of useful information on how to minimise research time and find what’s needed as painlessly as possible.
Though, in regards to using media as a research tool, I think I can safely say that we are learning new things everyday through different forms of media.  Even if it is unconsciously, our minds are constantly doing little bits of research on what we perceive throughout the day.  We watch the news and learn something new about politics or another country.  We go to a restaurant and learn what foods are in a dish.  We read a book and maybe pick up new words.  Media never ceases to amaze me with it’s glaringly subtle influence on our lives.

Collaborative Brainstorming

Today we began the process of research and brainstorming an idea for our media artefact on Industries of Media and we have LIFT OFF.  I’m very happy with how effectively Chrys, Georgina and myself have come up with a specific topic and focus questions to begin our research around.  We have come up with the subject matter of Film Festivals and their surrounding social, cultural, political and economic features and factors.  Here’s a little low quality snap of our butchers paper and such to prove it.


Coming in to this assignment I was afraid it was going to be the most boring thing on the planet (particularly since I generally detest any kind of research task), however I honestly think we have found a topic that I’d be happy to look into. I mean who doesn’t love a good film festival?

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