A is for Artefact Planning

Thank god the tedious task of researching and writing an annotated bibliography has pretty much come to a close.  I found a couple of feature articles that, while I guess were kind of interesting, didn’t exactly further our group’s targeted subject: Film Festivals.  The best articles we found were chapters from university film text books (surprise, surprise) which were incredibly comprehensive on the topic of festival planning and how the film selections illicit and impact an audience’s response.  It is for this reason that we have basically decided to base our artefact on Film Festival Programming.

So today’s practorial had us brainstorming ideas for what our artefact is actually going to be and we have come up with a couple of options and backup plans.

  • A short and snappy news snippet type production of ‘What’s on in Melbourne” focusing on film festivals and interviews with film festival-goers
  • A podcast with similar qualities
  • A feature article
  • A series of vlogs surrounding the film festivals

We’re hoping to create a hashtag and ideally get it trending to hear the public’s thoughts and opinions on their experience with the film festivals.  By next week’s meeting we’re hoping to have a drafted script/structure to work off.


So I Guess This Is Feedback

After screening all of our projects one after the other as you would in a film festival, we were put into groups to give each other feedback.  I was put with the wonderful Georgina and Chrys, so here’s their feedback from me.

Georgina: (click here to view it yo)

This is a straight up beautiful piece.  It’s clear, to the point and obviously well planned out.  I loved the archive footage of brain scans teamed up with the news report voice over to initially introduce the subject of MS.  I think this clinical view of it was well contrasted with the family-effected side with the footage of the house and home and the candid shot of her catching you filming her.  The only criticism I have is purely technical and it’s that some parts of the audio were a tad louder than the others and didn’t properly fade in/out.  But I know I have the same problem in mine and we all know audio is a heinous bitch.  Overall, I thought it was a lovely piece!

Chrys: (clicky click to viewy view)

I am in awe at how well put together this piece is.  I love how the interview is in close quarters and being filmed with a hand held camera, it gives the piece a more comfortable and intimate feeling.  What I loved even more though, was the archive footage of raunchy, sexualised women juxtaposing the actual subject of the film being about asexuality – awesome.  The only criticism I have is perhaps having some kind of music or sound play during the ending credits just to finalise the film (I’m clearly reaching here).
Basically, I think it’s a fantastic piece of work!


Clearly, giving feedback is just another thing I need to work on.

Self-Portrait Project: “It Is As It Is”

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