This first semester on university has been a blast.  I’ve learnt so much not only about media but also about myself.  With Introduction to Cinema and Sound Design accompanying the media one course this semester, I’ve learnt much about how media is absolutely everywhere.  I’ve become a lot more aware of how media impacts my life and it’s importance as well as technical aspects of manipulating sound and, of course, I’ve learnt that I’ll never again be able to just sit down and relax watching a film without analysing every single little tiny detail about it (thanks cinema).  I’ve most recently learnt that collaborative work doesn’t have to be painful and horrible like I thought it was in high school.
I’ve found over this semester that my most effective way of learning is by doing.  I found more information stuck with me throughout experiential learning or through discussion rather than through listening to lectures.

I suppose I could combine what I found most challenging about the course with what I’ve discovered about my own creative practice and say that the part I found most challenging was the fact that it’s all creative and I find myself going in and out of creative mindsets.  I once read somewhere that creativity is like a fruit tree, it blooms only on certain seasons.  It’s very hard to force the fruit production all year round.  And I guess I could relate because my creative moods come and go where this course asks for creativity in virtually every assessment piece.  So that’s what I found the most difficult.

A definite struggle I have had this semester (which is purely and admittedly my own fault) is procrastination.  I leave things to the absolute last minute, and not just homework and assessments, I’m talking about everything I do and it’s a character trait that I’m working on eliminating for the future.  Procrastination and laziness is the whole reason this blog doesn’t have quite as many posts as it probably should so I’m going to work on that.

Here’s 5 posts that I think were this blogs highlights:

1.  Food for thought on hyper and deep attention

2.  E is for Emily loves sound

3.  Week 5’s collaboration readings

4.  Collaborative Brainstorming

5.  Dreaded Research


As a final cap off for the semester, here’s my ‘learning graph’.  It’s backwards but you get the gist of it.

Photo on 5-06-2015 at 6.48 pm #2


Red:   How much have I learnt about making media objects/stories?

Purple:  What is my ability to work independently in unfamiliar ways or with new systems and tools?

Orange:  How much do I understand and think critically and creatively about what I make?

Brown:  What is my understanding of the role/value of the blog?


Adios and happy holidays 🙂


E is for Emily Loves Sound

I could talk about the Texts side of week 7’s lectorial but I am so much more invested and interested in sound so I’m going to have a little spiel on that right now.
Sound is a beautiful thing, it’s everywhere, you cannot escape it and for someone like me who hates ‘silence’, comfort can be found in sound.  I previously did a post vis-a-vie week 2’s lectorial on silence and John Cage’s 4’33” (check it out here) and wrote what it’s all about etc.  It’s made pretty clear by that piece that there is no such thing as silence.  Sound is so invasive it will always find a way to be heard.  I’ve always found it so interesting that there are so many sounds reaching our ears everyday that we don’t even register.  In my sound design class we learnt just how much effort and attention to detail the sound production team must take into account when designing anything.  Here is a homework piece we did on re-creating the sounds for every single noise in a Mario gameplay; a task that was both fun and incredibly tedious.

All in all, I dare say, I think I find sound the most interesting aspect of most forms of media.

D is for Dreaded Research

Week 6’s lectorial was mostly based around the idea of using media for research.  It included a talk from the librarian on how to utilise the RMIT online library  as well as how to find primary, reliable sources which can prove to be difficult at times.  I think I’ve mentioned in a previous post my intense dislike for research tasks and writing up bibliographies; particularly annotated bibliographies (ew), so it was a good clump of useful information on how to minimise research time and find what’s needed as painlessly as possible.
Though, in regards to using media as a research tool, I think I can safely say that we are learning new things everyday through different forms of media.  Even if it is unconsciously, our minds are constantly doing little bits of research on what we perceive throughout the day.  We watch the news and learn something new about politics or another country.  We go to a restaurant and learn what foods are in a dish.  We read a book and maybe pick up new words.  Media never ceases to amaze me with it’s glaringly subtle influence on our lives.

C is for Catchup Time

This past few weeks have had my head rolling around work, uni and personal life.  It’s a busy new life that I am STILL getting accustomed to and I can now see why it’s a kind of unspoken fact that most people who decide to take a gap year between high school and university never actually end up going to uni.  I totally lost my study groove for a bit there.
It’s come to my attention (or maybe it was always to my attention and I was just stubbornly ignoring it) that I am unbelievably far behind on keeping this blog updated with my course work.  So consider this post the beginning of the mother of all catchups; starting with week 4’s lectorial of media integrating theory and practice.

Media brings the world together in all ways – this linking to week 2’s lectorial on how media is everywhere.  It has become the pinnicle source of research, entertainment, communication, EVERYTHING.   I am noticing how large a part of our lives it is becoming, particularly in the last couple of weeks after Zac and I moved into our own place.  It’s a beautiful place, however at the moment we have no internet and no cables to allow our TVs to receive digital free to air.  As a result I feel completely out of the loop.  My phone is out of data already, I can’t see what people are up to on facebook, can’t send or view friends pointless snapchats of what I’m doing, couldn’t even watch the State of Origin last night (an absolute tragedy for a Queenslander).  On top of this, uni work is proving to be difficult to complete and it’s all got me thinking how grateful I am to be growing up in such an age of technology and how bloody annoying it is to not have that technology.  This was more of a rant post about how much I miss the internet at home but still, it all links with the general consensus of this course; media brings the world together.

B is for Bring the Noise

So we pretty much decided on a sound-related media artefact for this group project.  A podcast/broadcast piece that essentially markets the marketing of film festivals hitting Melbourne in the month of May.
We have our sass-filled scripts and basic interview questions ready to go.  We plan on interviewing a myriad of people of all ages on their opinions and views on film festivals – in fact I’m calling my grandma tonight and I am going to hard out interrogate her on the subject.  Even though she’s probably never been to one in her whole life but that’s besides the point.  Rounded research people!

Georgina’s festival focus is the St. Kilda Film Festival, Chrys’s festival is the Human Rights Film Festival and mine is the Audi German Film Festival.  That’s one indie, one message driven and one rather large, culture-fuelled festival.  A good mix, I feel.  Next is starting to record and throw together some kind of first draft.  As Mario would say:  “Here’s we GOO!”

A is for Artefact Planning

Thank god the tedious task of researching and writing an annotated bibliography has pretty much come to a close.  I found a couple of feature articles that, while I guess were kind of interesting, didn’t exactly further our group’s targeted subject: Film Festivals.  The best articles we found were chapters from university film text books (surprise, surprise) which were incredibly comprehensive on the topic of festival planning and how the film selections illicit and impact an audience’s response.  It is for this reason that we have basically decided to base our artefact on Film Festival Programming.

So today’s practorial had us brainstorming ideas for what our artefact is actually going to be and we have come up with a couple of options and backup plans.

  • A short and snappy news snippet type production of ‘What’s on in Melbourne” focusing on film festivals and interviews with film festival-goers
  • A podcast with similar qualities
  • A feature article
  • A series of vlogs surrounding the film festivals

We’re hoping to create a hashtag and ideally get it trending to hear the public’s thoughts and opinions on their experience with the film festivals.  By next week’s meeting we’re hoping to have a drafted script/structure to work off.


Collaborative Brainstorming

Today we began the process of research and brainstorming an idea for our media artefact on Industries of Media and we have LIFT OFF.  I’m very happy with how effectively Chrys, Georgina and myself have come up with a specific topic and focus questions to begin our research around.  We have come up with the subject matter of Film Festivals and their surrounding social, cultural, political and economic features and factors.  Here’s a little low quality snap of our butchers paper and such to prove it.


Coming in to this assignment I was afraid it was going to be the most boring thing on the planet (particularly since I generally detest any kind of research task), however I honestly think we have found a topic that I’d be happy to look into. I mean who doesn’t love a good film festival?

ZoomH2s Are Pretty Great

This is a throwback post from week 6 that I just never got around to posting.
…But better late than never eh?

In week 6 we had a little play around with the ZoomH2 sound recorders as it was a requirement to use them in project brief 3.  Here’s an insight into the stuff we got up to recording.

Props to Jamie for putting together the video 🙂
Overall, most of them were relatively useful with just a couple here and there that were too loud, too soft, too much background noise, etc, etc, etc.  We got the hang of it as we practiced.

So I Guess This Is Feedback

After screening all of our projects one after the other as you would in a film festival, we were put into groups to give each other feedback.  I was put with the wonderful Georgina and Chrys, so here’s their feedback from me.

Georgina: (click here to view it yo)

This is a straight up beautiful piece.  It’s clear, to the point and obviously well planned out.  I loved the archive footage of brain scans teamed up with the news report voice over to initially introduce the subject of MS.  I think this clinical view of it was well contrasted with the family-effected side with the footage of the house and home and the candid shot of her catching you filming her.  The only criticism I have is purely technical and it’s that some parts of the audio were a tad louder than the others and didn’t properly fade in/out.  But I know I have the same problem in mine and we all know audio is a heinous bitch.  Overall, I thought it was a lovely piece!

Chrys: (clicky click to viewy view)

I am in awe at how well put together this piece is.  I love how the interview is in close quarters and being filmed with a hand held camera, it gives the piece a more comfortable and intimate feeling.  What I loved even more though, was the archive footage of raunchy, sexualised women juxtaposing the actual subject of the film being about asexuality – awesome.  The only criticism I have is perhaps having some kind of music or sound play during the ending credits just to finalise the film (I’m clearly reaching here).
Basically, I think it’s a fantastic piece of work!


Clearly, giving feedback is just another thing I need to work on.


I focused the Project Brief 3 assessment on my older sister, Maddison.  A person who I have looked up to all my life and who never ceases to interest me.
Two minutes is not nearly long enough to do her beautiful mind justice, but I have done my best so enjoy.  🙂

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