I could talk about the Texts side of week 7’s lectorial but I am so much more invested and interested in sound so I’m going to have a little spiel on that right now.
Sound is a beautiful thing, it’s everywhere, you cannot escape it and for someone like me who hates ‘silence’, comfort can be found in sound.  I previously did a post vis-a-vie week 2’s lectorial on silence and John Cage’s 4’33” (check it out here) and wrote what it’s all about etc.  It’s made pretty clear by that piece that there is no such thing as silence.  Sound is so invasive it will always find a way to be heard.  I’ve always found it so interesting that there are so many sounds reaching our ears everyday that we don’t even register.  In my sound design class we learnt just how much effort and attention to detail the sound production team must take into account when designing anything.  Here is a homework piece we did on re-creating the sounds for every single noise in a Mario gameplay; a task that was both fun and incredibly tedious.

All in all, I dare say, I think I find sound the most interesting aspect of most forms of media.