This past few weeks have had my head rolling around work, uni and personal life.  It’s a busy new life that I am STILL getting accustomed to and I can now see why it’s a kind of unspoken fact that most people who decide to take a gap year between high school and university never actually end up going to uni.  I totally lost my study groove for a bit there.
It’s come to my attention (or maybe it was always to my attention and I was just stubbornly ignoring it) that I am unbelievably far behind on keeping this blog updated with my course work.  So consider this post the beginning of the mother of all catchups; starting with week 4’s lectorial of media integrating theory and practice.

Media brings the world together in all ways – this linking to week 2’s lectorial on how media is everywhere.  It has become the pinnicle source of research, entertainment, communication, EVERYTHING.   I am noticing how large a part of our lives it is becoming, particularly in the last couple of weeks after Zac and I moved into our own place.  It’s a beautiful place, however at the moment we have no internet and no cables to allow our TVs to receive digital free to air.  As a result I feel completely out of the loop.  My phone is out of data already, I can’t see what people are up to on facebook, can’t send or view friends pointless snapchats of what I’m doing, couldn’t even watch the State of Origin last night (an absolute tragedy for a Queenslander).  On top of this, uni work is proving to be difficult to complete and it’s all got me thinking how grateful I am to be growing up in such an age of technology and how bloody annoying it is to not have that technology.  This was more of a rant post about how much I miss the internet at home but still, it all links with the general consensus of this course; media brings the world together.