So we pretty much decided on a sound-related media artefact for this group project.  A podcast/broadcast piece that essentially markets the marketing of film festivals hitting Melbourne in the month of May.
We have our sass-filled scripts and basic interview questions ready to go.  We plan on interviewing a myriad of people of all ages on their opinions and views on film festivals – in fact I’m calling my grandma tonight and I am going to hard out interrogate her on the subject.  Even though she’s probably never been to one in her whole life but that’s besides the point.  Rounded research people!

Georgina’s festival focus is the St. Kilda Film Festival, Chrys’s festival is the Human Rights Film Festival and mine is the Audi German Film Festival.  That’s one indie, one message driven and one rather large, culture-fuelled festival.  A good mix, I feel.  Next is starting to record and throw together some kind of first draft.  As Mario would say:  “Here’s we GOO!”