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Final Reflection

Preparation for our first ever live show was a whirlwind of confusion, which is to be expected when every crew member is learning on the go. Not only were you learning your own role, but you were learning how it… Continue Reading →

Assignment Two Blog Posts 2. 3.  


I love my studio classes because of the opportunities I get to learn practical skills and apply them to real projects and this class is no exception. The half hour that we spent putting together a one minute script brought… Continue Reading →

Lets All Have A Laff

While certainly not of the same mindset as Slavoj Zizek or Paul Krassner, who regarded laugh tracks as having a kind of ‘fascist’ power and influence over audiences, before this weeks reading I was definitely in the anti-laugh track camp…. Continue Reading →

Ready Camera One Studio Tour

The world of in-studio filming is one I have no experience in and so I had no real expectations setting out on the studio tour this week. All my filming experience has been on location and I had thought that… Continue Reading →

A World I Can Geek Out Over

So I’ve been unhappy for a while with the ‘world’ ive chosen to explore in this studio, I feel like I fixated on a story I wanted to tell rather than a specific world I wanted to explore. I was… Continue Reading →

I’ll Keep This Brief

I want to tease out a first glimmer of an idea for a screen world I might like to explore… Going into the Another World Studio I will be honest, I didn’t really understand what was meant by that other… Continue Reading →

Creative Writing Prompts

Over the last two years I have branched out into a lot of roles I never thought to take on, and this semester I’m adding one more! I’m taking a creative writing studio and I’m pretty psyched. I haven’t done… Continue Reading →

GF Assessment Task 6

Well, its done. I have officially made a webseries. The undertaking was so much more demanding and complex than I could have ever imagined, and every day I learnt some new lesson or skill. Going forward as a media maker… Continue Reading →

Final Work Reflection

At the beginning of this project, while compiling all the tasks we would have to undertake, we decided to divide the roles into more manageable areas, rather than have all of us trying to do the same thing. I was… Continue Reading →

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