Doing a 360º

Just discovered a perfect little website with the ABC called “360 Degrees Documentaries”

Okay so maybe I am a bit slack on the bandwagon, and disappointed that I hadn’t un-earthed it before but now that I have it is time to share with you all!

The layout of the website is extremely easy to navigate . So simple to hear all the podcast and programs that have aired, no downloading and simply at a click of a button it works perfectly!

The radio host; Kisti Melville has a clear, simple and smooth voice that is easily understood and the radio segments are unusual in comparison to standard stereotypical “commercial radio”

360 Degrees Documentaries explores an array of various topics in which appeal to a large area of the public. So next time you want to listen to the radio or would like some background sound whilst doing a chore don’t hesitate to hop on and listen!

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