We are nearly there

Is it bad that I was very pleased about our last lectorial for the semester, well year…. Ooh I was so happy for it to all be over (sorry not sorry) but very surprised at how quickly it all flew past! I am glad I survived the first semester of university, well almost. Anyway, in our last lectorial for the semester we looked at Media Materialism. I didn’t listen very much (oops) but here is what I did take some notes on:

One thing in particular surrounding the topic that interested me was social constructivism and social determinism, which are two conflicting ideas attempting to explain the past, present and future – both including factors of technology and humanity. You have to ask if humanity is in charge of its own future? The question that stands in front among the topic of social constructivism. This represents a theory that suggest technology is something which is created and progressed by the actions and decisions of humanity. Therefore humanity should be in charge of its own fate.

Ugh it all bored me a tad. But you know what… That is all. We are done. We have survived the lectorials for semester one. Hoorah!!!!

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