tutorial eleven

During today’s tutorial, Dan was basically just looking at where we at in terms of project 4, and our overall progress as a group. Over the past week, my group and I have been working on the general aesthetic of the website and how we want it to look. We were also giving everything we are including in our website a place and a page giving a rough outline of what each page will include,etc. just to give everyone a general idea of how it will finish. Dan’s feedback was very helpful, and helped us with any elements of our research and final project we were having trouble with. We have decided to keep our articles a lot more general in terms of relation to our research as we believe that there is a talent to writing in a ironic or funny way and it doesn’t always appeal to all audiences. After having a discussion with Dan we also set a length for our articles as well as any extra little bits we feel we need to add on.

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