Throughout our lives we like to mix things up and change things all the time. In a way we like to ‘remix’ our lives. We do the same old thing every day get in a routine then something flicks in your mind and you think, ‘no, I need to make a change here’. Things get boring so you do make a change.  Much of the same in the virtual or media orientated worlds. If a TV show isn’t doing as well as it should be or a radio station isn’t getting as many listeners as it should be, something needs to change; change is good. Change is what keeps us going. Change is everywhere and it needs to start happening on a bigger scale…

I would have loved to be my parents generation instead of now, grew up through the 70s and 80s. Sure we have come far since then and their was obviously issues back then… Since, society has managed to distinguish equality between men and women, racism has come a very long way and we are getting there on gay marriage!! But we have unfortunately gone downhill in many ways as well. When our parents were our age, there weren’t clowns running the country (well they actually had a choice between liberal and labour… now it’s all basically the same). People weren’t so entranced and obsessed with technology. I know it is kind of ironic of me to say that when I am studying media, but even though technology was supposed to be for the better, all I think it has done is made things worse. Everyone has become so reliant on these tools to make life so much easier, but in turn has made us as human beings so lazy. We have big CEOs who run the world and are all so power and money hungry… They don’t see what they are doing to the world because they are so bewitched by money. We are getting self service checkouts and robots are on their way to start taking the places of workers. Everyone is so aware of how downhill everything is going but something really needs to change and we all need to start using our voices to make a change. I don’t know how or where we will start but if something isn’t done soon, I have no idea what it will be like for our children when they are our age. But all I can do is hope and pray that things will make a change, by also creating this conversation with everyone to spark the change in everyone else too.

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