Netflix has just come to Australia and like many others I am blown away. I always heard or rather read about people overseas in the US who had access to Netflix and how they would just spend hours after hours watching. I thought, ‘yeah, yeah whatever just another stupid thing’, but I must say after a few weeks of having access here in Australia it is fantastic (I don’t actually have my own account yet, I’ve been using my boyfriend’s…. shhhhh). This huge institution which has now become so much more widespread in groundbreaking. Everybody knows that Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world which is why we do so much downloading of films and TV series. However, with Netflix, the price of a monthly subscription with access to anything on there is about the same price it would cost you to go and hire two DVDs from the video shop, or nearly half the price it would cost you go to and see a movie in the cinemas. Netflix is changing lives. I love it and can’t get enough.

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