Self Portrait v2.0

I found that the second self portrait was much more broad and exciting than the first. We were able to put our editing skills to use and really use our creativity through the ways in which we put together all of the forms of media that we recorded. This could be through colour alterations, how the audio worked with the visuals and generally how the media was assembled.

In the second project brief I feel as though I was trying to convey something quite different to my first self portrait. Self Portrait one was conveying more of a spiritual side of myself however, self portrait two has delivered a more practical side. Most of my mediums were gathered in the Williamstown Botanic Gardens which is quite significant in itself as it is where I had my naming ceremony when I was only a year old. Through this media artefact I tried to communicate my roots and how I still have a childish, adventurous side as I wandered through the grounds. As well as this, in the stills I held up flowers from the gardens in place of my own face. Through this action my intention was to show the side of me that is in touch with nature and how much I love being outdoors.

The quick cuts and general fast pace in my self portrait transmits how busy I can be and the overall rushed notion which children display. I feel as though at times throughout the minute video, the fast pace seemed a little too quick which didn’t work as well as I would  have liked. However, I think the photographs worked quite well and I also liked the audio that I added. None of the natural sounds from the footage was kept in my self portrait. All of the audio was clips of sound which I recorded and put together to create a new backing track which I fell enhanced my film in many ways.

Overall, I believe that this video portrays a side of me that isn’t always showing but is definitely always there… A very important part of who I am. So here it is:

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