Blood in the Gutter…

This weeks reading, Chapter 3 of Blood in the Gutter by Scott McCloud, intrigued me in a way that the past weeks readings have not… Maybe because none of the others really had. I was quite interested in the issue that the reading began it’s focus around, which is what I think grasped my attention. It launched with a little boy who believed that the whole world was just a show put on for him. This concept reminded me of the movie The Truman Show where Jim Carey plays the main character whom is the star of a TV show. However, Carey’s character is unaware he is even featured in a TV show and believes it is all just his own life. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve all seen it; if not, watch it, it’s a great movie. The reading continues on to discuss how daily activities such as jobs and even interests may not even exist “outside of what my five senses report to me”. This is such a crazy, wonderful and dreamlike theory to think about and it really is something you could use to describe Media. Does media really exist? What is media? Hmm….

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