Panel Presentation

In presenting brief 3, I believe we improved A LOT in our presentation skills between presenting to our class and then to the panel. I worked really hard in trying to organise our thoughts, reflections and possible remedies for brief 4 into a coherent but also cohesive powerpoint presentation.

Overall, our presentation went for a little longer than it should have as the speech was organised so we would be speaking for approximately 10-12 minutes, not quite realising that the whole time was dedicated for feedback from the panel also. Oh well, like everything else in this brief, its all been a massive learning curve for brief 4.

The panel said they were really excited about our concept of female cycling, however were unable to see how Cara solely fit into the idea. It was explained that it was quite confusing for the audience to try and understand female cycling through the scope of one individual, no matter how detailed the profile k-film. They also suggested some ideas to add interest or perhaps professionalism to our recording, suggesting we use an iPhone but then also a zoom recorder. We posed the idea of a camera and lapel mic, but were told an iPhone shouldn’t be an issue, and may add more realism, when used correctly.

Coming into brief 4 wee are definitely going to take both pieces of advice on board. We are going to add some more female voices to the film, perhaps Bridgette’s grandma who has been cycling her whole life (to juxtapose life as a female cyclist between her grandma and Cara) or perhaps I will ask some women at the gym I work at if any of them cycle as a main form of transport. The only difficulty may be that I live further out of the CBD than Bridgette, so most people do use a car as a main for of commuting.

We are also looking at ways to improve our recording, both visually and aurally. The way we will do this is trying some different shooting styles on the iPhone, such as tracking, or getting a small ‘tripod’, otherwise we may move to using a camera and lapel mic.

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