Connecting the dots

I now feel like I’m beginning to understand New Doco a lot more. After today’s studio, a lot of things have fallen into place for me. I’m so used to being given all the theoretical information first then applying it towards a project, however having Seth explain that we were making the work and THEN understanding the theory helped me to get why I perhaps felt a little thrown in the deep end to begin with.

The whole studio seems to be focused at developing ourselves as flexible media practitioners. From the way we set about the project process (in a different way than some of us may have in the past. What did was just started making the digital product, then received feedback, then went back to the drawing board to re design- a real continuous design methodology), to the fact that Korsakow may not exist in 5 years and we’ll need to take our knowledge to new forms of media, it appears that looking at interactive documentary as a design process requires us to think in new ways and constantly adapt our ideas.

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