Nearly at the finish line!

Overall we were happy with our presentation of our video. For a second draft, we received really positive feedback from Kristian, and also a couple of laughs the amateur editing (of sound in particular, when I say “such as”). We also received some really helpful constructive criticism including:

  • Match up the B-roll to its correct and relevant section
  • Fill in the black spaces with footage to match the dialogue
  • Adjust the audio levels of the video
  • Make sure to reference all content, including images
  • Match up the ratings categories with their corresponding colour logos
  • Shorten James Franco dialogue, only use key lines from his vlog.

After class, Jack and I went to our new stomping ground (the edit suites) to edit and smooth out all the issues in our video… Yes! We began the final stage of post-production- the all illusive, final draft! We decided to smash it out until we finished, which turned out to be 9:35PM at night (very unfortunate for the girl who lives an hour away and also starts work at 7:00AM Friday)

Before beginning editing, we went through the video and came up with a list of things we needed to fix, combining the feedback from class also. We meticulously went through it, and also made sure we referenced all the footage we found (mental note to future Elise: compile a list of links so you don’t have to search for AGES trying to find them all again)

  • (Beginning of video) fix titles
  • 1:45 irrelevant footage, use correct match
  • 2:10 get ratings images (with corresponding colours)
  • 2:35 swap explosion, sexual activity around to match script
  • 3:17 communist footage here
  • 3:20 “few, for the many” dialogue, use crowd footage instead of elise’s feet/hair to make more relevant
  • 3:39 more footage of streets
  • 3:40 audio needs fixing
  • 5:04 james franco come in earlier
  • 5.20 cut up james franco footage, to shorten.
    • 5:20- 5:38 (keep)
    • 5:50- 5:55 (keep)
    • 6:09- 6:52 (keep)
    • 6.54- 7:10 (keep)
  • 7:43 remove repeated footage
  • 8:08 find money footage from, write prices of classification
  • 9:09 fix audio
  • 9:22 add credits and reference

We had some major difficulties with audio which made the session last longer than it should’ve, as it just disappeared from some of our crucial ending footage, but we figured it all out by using a previously saved draft to get the footage again. It has really been great working as a part of a team, bouncing ideas off other people and working together to solve problems.

All’s well that ends well.

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