Hi, I’m Elise…*Hiiiiiiii Eliiiiiise* and I, I haven’t touched my phone in 3 days….*crowd cheers*. It’s been killing me, but I really need to break the addiction…

I’m kidding. I actually lost my phone, but we have finally been rekindled after 3 long days. No lie about the killing me part though, I feel like I truly have undergone a detox. I’m embarrassed by how much I have missed it and felt lost without it. Simple tasks such as setting an alarm for uni, navigating roads and organising group meet up times have been a struggle, let alone trying to socialise and use social media. I have gone without it for days at festivals before (how heroic of me..) but the difference is that I have known in advance to prepare myself. I fear this will be a major dilemma for Gen Y, X etc, an inability to function without technology when it unexpectedly is not there. It kills me to say, but #PhoneFreeDays, drawn out of a hat at random, may need to become a thing.

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