Project Brief 4

This studio was highly enjoyable. The teaching was great. My fellow classmates were great and most importantly the skills I learned throughout the semester were a good base to help me feel prepared to get a little bit more professional with it. In terms of my own writing I found it super helpful to get suggestions and amendments when I could. It’s easy to write something and just throw it out there because you’re writing it in your own voice. Having someone there to try and dissect your words through their own filter is really eye-opening.

My final piece ‘Induction’ was an interesting journey. I wanted to build a rich world before planting any character within it. My screenplay ended up being very big text-heavy as a result although I kept it as concise as I could while still being able to paint a vivid picture for the reader. I think I did a pretty good job at showcasing Karl, the protagonist in this screenplay as aggressive, impulsive and not exactly of reasonable thought. His dialogue choices were a touch on the lighter, informal side which I feel suited his character well.

The visual element of this project was a section of the short film which I shot as a one man crew with my friend as an actor. The video had its hurdles, mainly the sound, which was my bad. I forgot to bring my audio equipment to the shoot so in the edit I had to basically build the entire sound stage from the bottom up using pre-recorded sound effects, music and sound effect recordings of my own. Some of the audio doesn’t mesh well with the video but other parts like the footsteps and closet doors are really effective.

Not having audio equipment meant that I couldn’t record dialogue so I made the executive decision to make this video without dialogue. I think in the section that I filmed relative to the script only had 1 or 2 minimal lines of dialogue so there wasn’t a lot missing. I totally wasn’t expecting to use as much music as I did when I wrote it but I just found the right tracks to use. I’m very proud of my effort overall and will definitely miss this class! Thanks Stayci!

Here is the link to my video: Induction.


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