Film TV 2 Doco Reviews

Theanna caught me by surprise. I’ve known Tiana for man years now and I’ve known her writing and visual style. This was not in the field of expectation for me at all. Rather than being the comedic content creator she is, Thenna probably meant more for me than most. It was incredibly moving and emotional. Tiana’s Yiayia’s emotions were so powerful and I found myself fighting tears whenever she reminisced about her husband. The use of subtitles were well translated and easy to follow although the cut to black transitions were a little jarring.

Like Nobody is Watching-
This documentary felt the most genuine out of all of the films screened. The ‘no-holds-barred’ philosophy these guys took to their talent and what they said may be ethically questionable but this was the only film that got me to physically react with laughter due to the utmost cynical almost surreal opinions of the talent. Really enjoyed the brutal honesty shown and known to be characteristic of their theme. Production quality could have been improved with some variance in the camera shots/angles and a use of external audio recording.

Sneakerhead Collective-
Definitely a yawn-buster, the sneakerhead collective was the most lively and energetic piece. It was clear that this group spent many many many many hours getting all the shots and interviews they did and put in the effort in the edit suites. I was engaged from start to finish and felt that the punchlines for spots of comedy were spaced very nicely. If anything the consistency of audio quality was a little lacking but they had so many different interviews in so many different places so I don’t hold an sense of negativity towards them. Deserving of the double applause they got their hard work really shone through on this one.

Train Station Time Machine-
A really neat change of pace from the other documentaries. Very creative in its style. The accents weren’t all too convincing but it was short and sweet. I enjoyed it. It was refreshing.