Super Podcast Showcase #2

The last showcase was a showing of some of my favourite YouTubers gone podcasters. This time we’re all about the art. Polished, produced pieces audio stories with sound design and great storytelling.

nap Judgement…

icon_510294Snap Judgement. “Storytelling with a beat”. This is my favourite npr public radio show. Host Glynn Washington and his crack team of producers bring stories from around the world revolving around a certain topic every week. The mix of rhythmic storytelling and interesting characters makes Snap Judgement really enjoyable to listen to. Most of the stories are light-hearted and quirky. One of the best stories on the show was about a guy who was on a business trip in a foreign country when he ended up naked in the lobby of his hotel, completely contrary to the desk job introvert he usually is. This show has actually inspired me to start writing for my own show and to pursue podcast making.


This American Life…
TAL_color2This needs zero introduction. This American Life is probably one of the most stand out podcasts when people talk about podcasts. This insanely grounded and moving show, much like Snap Judgement, jumps from town to town in the USA telling stories to those who will hear it. They tell stories based on a theme too and the difference between Snap Judgement and TAL is that the stories are a little more heavy-handed. Definite recommendation if you want to get into podcasts and a clear reason as to why public radio audiences are on the rise.