The World of Sports: Where nails come to die.

As a man, I love my sports. Where my mistake lies is that I’ve decided to support the teams that haven’t been the best in recent years but have begun to make a push for a more considerable placement in the season except for basketball. I go for the Lakers and they had their time, it was great, I loved it. They are rubbish this season and I hadn’t really watched the sport properly for about 2 years anyway.

The passion lives in these two teams…
First off Everton. These guys have been pushing for a top 4 finish in the English Premier League for the past 4-5 seasons. Now for those unaware, a top 4 finish in the Premier League means qualification for the UEFA Champions League, the biggest showcase of all the top European football teams. So at this point in time we’re in 5th place, one point behind Arsenal. We beat them a while back and had a brief run in 4th but we lost a really winnable game putting us back into 5th… Now I want nothing more than for Everton to reach Champions League because these guys, unlike every top team in the EPL haven’t spent millions of dollars to get to the top. Our team has had its base team for a few seasons, a few good loans and we’re cruiiiisin.  I don’t really mind if we get into Europa, which is a step down from Champions League but eh. Love this team.


Now North Melbourne… What can I say about North Melbourne. A sport a little closer to home, I think when people talk about North, the first thing people mention is how we lost a lot of games really close, really late, when we had the lead. We have a good squad and we have a good strategy. We’ve had a good start so hopefully we can turn things around this season. We have a few injuries but a very deep squad so there are no excuses this season.