The Lego Movie

I just recently watched The Lego Movie with a friend and I have to say… Very surprised. Let me explain.rs_560x415-140206063129-1024-The-Lego-Movie-JR-2614_copy

So usually when something massively commercial gets its own movie I tend to be a bit skeptical on how it’ll turn out. My mind thinks that it’ll be an awkward story of self-discovery full of shameless promotions. Like what every movie Sony produces…

From the get go, the movie was amazing. The writing was incredibly charming and it doesn’t just pander to a completely child-filled audience. There is plenty of humour in there for adults too. I feel like Lego is so self-aware at how popular it is, that it doesn’t need to advertise anything. Instead, Warner Bros. hired an amazing cast and fleshed out a really well paced story.

Sure there are parts that seem lame but that’s actually written into the character of Emmett. His lame, drab personality is the catalyst to the story unfolding. You can’t make fun of him because everyone else is. I want to steer clear of spoilers here but there is a main posse surrounding the main character. Each character fills a specific archetype to build the perfect chemistry.

Defs worth a check out.