This weeks reading as about K-Films? You’d think this would have been one of the earlier readings but hey! Let’s get into it.

Soar talks about stuff that we kind of already know. Korsakow is a free to use web program that allows for users to create multimedia bladabladablada shockwave (shockwave so outdated), no longer using shockwave (oh yeah fair enough, good call Thalhofer, ANYWAY

Soar begins to stress the complexity that is the K-Film. It’s algorithms and its capacity to channel several narratives with the same content, multilinear, if you will. In the midst of Soar describing how Korsakow works he mentions Adrian Miles. He also talks about the control a user has over a K-Film and its meanings. The randomness and complete manic tendencies are also a big part of Soars affection for the Korsakow.