He be back (Thanks Adrian)

Bri Bri made a return. I mean it was a tad awkward because we’d gotten so used to Adrian and Brian had no idea how our classes were structured.

Not placing any blame on him though we were less than helpful in his attempts for a “help me to help you” scenario. But I have faith in this class still. We went through the usual motions about our take away idea I think mine was the 12 Second TV thing being a flop because;

A. Twelve seconds was too long and
B. It came about three years too early

Now vine is one of the biggest things in the social media globe. It’s crazy to think how quickly technology and crazes change.

But then our discussion table moved on to the idea of pretzels. And what kind of pretzels are good. The general consensus was that glazed pretzels are nice. Never had one guess I’ll give it a go.

One major point I’d like to make and address. Adrian. You were a fantastic tutor. Ever-inquisitive and knowledgable. Your insight was so intense I felt like I’d fallen out of bed leaving your class. In a good way wanting to know more. No doubt Brian is going to be an ace teacher. But he’s got some pretty big shoes to fill. Thanks Adrian.

Yeah looks pretty amazing.