A brain full of spotfires

Sooooo holy crap. This week’s tute super exploded my mind in so many ways.

First of all I’d like to say that I am super awesomely typing this up on my iPhone and I think that’s mega rad. In fact it’s the first of many mind blows I received in the last 4 hours.

So the interface of the WordPress is pretty banging. Adrian says he doesn’t like it because it’s too small but I’m literally on this phone all the time. I’m phone dependent. I have a mini spak attack if I don’t know where my phone is. Like a dog getting a leaf blower blown into its face. What’s even cooler is- hang on. Checkit.


I’m pretty sure I just chucked a really embarrassing photo I took right then. It’s just a bunch of code. Here look.


How super cool is that?! Whaaaaaaat.

So another mind blow was the introduction of If This Then That (www.ifttt.com)

OH awesome I can totally remember this code from the computer course I took last year so rockin’.

Yeah this IFTTT. I haven’t used it yet. No doubt I will for sure. It pretty much makes whatever appear wherever!!!

Anyway now that WordPress is on my phone.. Ohhhhhohoho you’re gonna hear a lot more from me. You’ll be sick of me by the morning.