Just Stare Forward #1 – Got a problem?


Hey gang and welcome to the first post of a new weekly article I thought would make good funnies.


Just Stare Forward is a weekly update on one or a few funny/awkward moments I encounter during the week. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy!

Got A Problem?

So I’m on the bus to Uni and I’m sitting near the front on a backward facing chair, the one just next to the sideways chairs facing the middle of the bus for the disabled and elderly and whatnot. So I’m on this seat and there’s an elderly woman on the elderly woman seat (go figure).

Anyway I’m half asleep with my headphones in, you know how these 9:30 starts go, when a woman in her mid 30s I’m going to guess sits on the seat next to the old lady facing the front, so she’s facing me. All cool she seems pretty biz casual I go about my music listening and the old lady goes about her novel reading.

About two minutes later this woman pulls out a tupperware container and opens it up. Inside is this birdseed yoghurty mess. She begins to eat it. Naturally, my reaction is something like this.

Yum. Dieting

But it seemed like I’m wasn’t the only one freaked out by this demon stew. The old lady literally turned her head a full 6000 degrees to look. As a street smart whipper snapper I know to look only with my eyes for no more than a second. This old lady didn’t have eye muscles apparently. Two centimetres closer and her face would’ve been in the woman’s container.

So the woman catches on and smiles at the old lady but the old lady turns her head… Very slowly. I think lol awks and move on but about 5 minutes later the old lady turns her head again and watches the woman eat it for like 10 straight minutes!! Nooooo maneeee some shit was about to go down.

The woman finishes her meal and looks at the old lady, bending down to reach her eye level, the old lady her face buried into her book. Eventually the woman fires this gem off.

Got a problem?

The old lady doesn’t respond and the woman continues to stare through her soul. So as the closest person to this confrontation and the one facing this angry woman my face is like this.

 But you can totally bet my mind looked a little something like this.

 One ultra tense staredown later the woman puts away the birdseed mix and the woman keeps reading her book. I feel the need to ask the woman what she was eating to break the tension but it would have only exacerbated the situation.