This week I assisted in another film as an actor of sorts. I suppose it wasn’t really acting as I was told to give honest and in-depth answers to question prompts, so really I was just playing myself.

The setting was that I had a plain black background and a single camera focused on my face. There was no one else in the room to give the illusion that I was confiding in a single person, but in reality it’s for a film so of course more than one person is going to see it.

The questions asked me about my insecurities and certain behaviours that might change given those insecurities. It was safe to say that it was a very strange experience. By having the illusion of the single camera it allowed me to I guess have a easier uninterrupted train of thought about some very personal issues.

I quite enjoyed it and I don’t entirely remember my response but the entire process I guess felt like a bit of a therapy sessions, as its not often you are given universal insecurities as prompts, and its not often that people actually sit there and say what they think about it.

I look forward to seeing the final product.

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