Project Proposal.

For my second project proposal I wanted to try and cover a topic I was passionate about outside of film and media. I have chosen to try and incorporate my love for the game of basketball into my project and I think I’ve found a convenient but also interesting way to do so. I want to follow or document the career of an ageing NBA great such as Tim Duncan or Kobe Bryant (I haven’t decided which yet as I’m uncertain if Kobe is playing this year) through the eyes of a father-daughter relationship.

I would like to explore their relationship with each other and how it is centred around a sport or more importantly, an icon of the sport. With every milestone in Duncan or Bryant’s career such as getting drafted, first major injury/setback, first championship, second, etc. I would like to simultaneously have certain milestones be reached in the relationship of the father and daughter e.g When Duncan gets drafted maybe the father is having breakfast with the daughter for her first day of school.

I would like for this to be followed chronologically so a brief possible overview could be something that goes like this
1997 – Tim Duncan is drafted
Father and Daughter prepare for first day of High-school with the draft on in the background.
1999 – Duncan’s first Championship
Father and daughter go watch the first game together at home establishing that the daughter cares for the team/player as well.
2001 – Duncan’s First major injury
Daughter hurts herself and dad stops watching the newscast on the injury and go takes care of her injury.
2003 – Duncans first major championship.
Daughter is graduating and the father is listening in on a radio while at the ceremony. post graduation the daughter asks for the score line or maybe dad celebrates a bit to hard during the ceremony.

The intention here is to illustrate that they both share a clear obsession and bond through a sport and icon that not everyone will relate to. A lot of times people say that it’s just a sport and sometimes there are things that are bigger than that. However, for this Father-Daughter relationship and their special bond is based on this sport and this Icon.

It will continue to have peaks and troughs in detailing more Milestones of Duncan or Bryant’s careers that will simultaneously have significant events happen in their relationships, culminating in the fathers passing as Duncan retires at the end of the 2015/16 season.

I want to document the career of a player I admire while also providing and interesting relationship to which people can relate to, regardless of their interest in the sport.

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