Observational Piece #8

The lights on the trains have been flickering recently.

Going through the tunnel in the city-loop in complete darkness is quite a bizarre and uncomfortable experience. The majority of people stay exactly where they are and barely respond to the malfunctioning lighting, eyes practically locked onto the screens of their phones and nothing else.

There are few who show genuine confusion and concern. Some bring their belongings closer to them, as to not lose them in the darkness in some way. Some hesitate at the next stop, wondering if they should get off the train early instead of risking staying on and ending up as some statistic in a newspaper the next day. With no announcements made about the technical errors, every minute on the train raises this concern slightly.

There was a young child, perhaps no older than 2 years of age, on the train the last time it happened. The reason this stood out to me was that their reaction was not one of fear, but innate curiosity. Their eyes shone as they looked out of the glass window beside them at the flashing lights that we sped past on our travels through the loop. They could not focus their attention anywhere else, and found joy in what could potentially be a scary situation.

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I was raised as a lover of films, becoming enamoured with worlds presented on the silver screen in 'Star Wars' and 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' before I had even entered Kindergarten. This is what first got me interested in pursuing media studies, but I hope to expand my knowledge beyond film through what RMIT can teach me.

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