ROOM WITH A VIEW: Y3: S1: WK8: Struggling to Decide on Individual Interview

Ever since we have discussed the assessment of the individual interview, I have not been able to come up with an idea of who to speak with. I’m not really sure why I can’t think of someone at the moment, it’s as if my mind has totally blanked. I think perhaps I have a thought of someone come to my head and then I start thinking that it might not be that interesting, or it may not be the right kind of content for Triple R. I don’t think it necessarily has to be worthy of going live on Triple R, as it may not actually get to go to air anyway. I would like to speak with someone who I find really interesting and they’re doing something I will engage well with and mainly, enjoy doing the research for it. I’ve also been finding it difficult because Bruce has always said to stay away from people you already know for the interviews we have been conducting in class, but that’s frustrating because I do know that I can have an adult conversation with a friend about their topic of discussion / cause and I have several friends who do really awesome things! I suppose it’s supposed to be approached more broadly, where the idea of an interview comes first and then a person involved is contacted. I know we’re meant to take this approach for all interviews in this class, but with the time constraints for assessments it’s kind of necessary to¬†pick reliable¬†subjects, who you can get in touch with and will be willing in the time frame. I understand the fact that the idea is paramount, but it also needs to be doable. Otherwise, you could end up pitching 5 really great interview ideas to Elizabeth, have them all accepted and then not be able to find anyone involved in the proposed idea who is willing to participate. It’s just a world of stress no one needs when juggling their uni/work/life schedule. Particularly in our case, as we were airing first, we needed reliable sources! But,

PS. We were lucky because Elizabeth accepted all of our interview ideas and we scraped the barrel with only having two of the five willing! Two interviews was our minimum for live interview content! These two were also people that Olivia and I (separately) knew vaguely, but well enough to get them on board.

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