ROOM WITH A VIEW: Y3: S1: WK4: Monday Muppets

What an absolutely ridiculously silly situation we got ourselves into today… Our group recorded our demo-demo today… well, we recorded it and then we saved the project file, not the WAV file… BUT, it’s okay because this was after all, our practice demo. However, we did want to have the file so we could annotate that as well and see where we could alter our run-sheet to make a better demo. Basically, we don’t have much content and it’s more random conversation between Sammy and I with whoever we’re talking to from the group as our stand-in-interviewee. Apparently doing that is fine though, I’m just worried that perhaps I’ll be a little in-the-background throughout, as Sammy has experience in radio at Syn and I haven’t had any whatsoever. I’m sure over the course of our practice time and when we record the demo (and save it accordingly) I’ll manage to chime in a little more and have more of a say. I’m just a little nervous at the moment, perhaps?

Unfortunately, Sammy had to leave half way through our practice recording today. Olivia was the stand-in host part way through, so she got to have a little feel of that role too, for another show we do after the first! The switch-up did muddle up our run sheet a tiny bit, just because the basic scripting outline wasn’t as relevant, but it went fine we thought. Good to get some practice mixing things up anyway!


Sammy Beniac-Brooks & Dusty Johnston

Rose Zwagerman

Olivia McDonald

Jenna Angouragas

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