It’s Time.

This saturday, 44 men wearing short shorts and coloured vests will chase a ball for 2 hours on a grass field. And I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Get excited folks – it’s Grand Final week.

The weekend that that both unites and separates football fans all over the country is here, and boy-oh-boy, am I fired up!

My beloved Hawks have made the big-dance for the third year in a row.

This is our opportunity to seek redemption for our shock loss to the Swans in 2012, in front of 100,000 fans at the most spectacular sporting stadium in the Southern Hemisphere. Not to mention, we’re up against traitor/superstar Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin, who decided to chase coin at the end of last season, joining our interstate rivals.

The story could not have been better scripted… So far. Get up this weekend you beautiful men in Brown and Gold… Please?


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