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David Harris posted a highly engaging Kevin Spacey lecture in reference to the topics discussed at the 4th symposium. As an avid House of Cards fan, this post gets my approval. As expected, Spacey’s  intellect shines, bringing some extremely relevant and seemingly-accurate points forward regarding the issue of illegal downloads in relation to NetFlix. I enjoy this approach to a symposium ‘follow-up.’ Rather than simply recapping the symposium content , as some other blogs tend to do, David’s simple summary and video provides an opportunity for readers to expand their knowledge on the topic from a different perspective.

Carlie writes about the complication of what we should trust online, similar to my post about Jan. Here she addresses the Kony 2012 phenomenon, as well as the validity of Buzzfeed and Gawker as news sources. I enjoy Carlie’s relaxed, anecdotal style. It’s good to see other students taking advantage of the license to add personality to writing that comes with a blog!

Karlee writes an article that I can empathise with. In fact, as I write this post, I find myself toggling between tabs to check my latest update. In answer to your concluding, yes, you are a hypocrite. But who cares – unleash your inner e-reader hating hipster side!



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