Mileys Cyrus is insane. But..

Miley Cyrus’s ridiculously sexual and embarrassing VMA performance has become the biggest thing across the Internet since planking. Yes, I think her performance was obnoxious, clearly desperate for attention and completely inappropriate for even a porno. But did everybody forget that Robin Thicke’s “summer smash hit” is a track that essentially promotes rape? And that disrespecting women is a common theme in music and the media these days, to the point that tabloids completely scrutinise every single thing powerful women do and completely ignore the men?

I honestly believe that female celebrities are the easiest targets for the media. Too skinny, too fat, too promiscuous, too much of a diva.. The list goes on.

So, with good reason, mileys been scrutinised for her performance. But calling a whore, a stupid slut and other sexually derogatory terms is a bit inappropriate seeing as Robin Thicke gets away with blatantly promoting rape and being so derogatory to women that his film clip was removed from YouTube. And still in rap music today, women are seen as sexual objects (which is certainly reflected in performances and videos) and the general sexism of the media and music industry.

Miley went crazy. but the fact that her sexual performance was apparently so shocking is ridiculous. Why can’t she jump on the sexually inappropriate band wagon that so many male artists have meticulously fashioned?

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