Unlecture/symposium numbah 5

If a tree falls in the forrest…..
The old cliche that is so relevant in so many situations.

If I post a blog to the web, but nobody reads it… Does it exist?

Adrian’s interesting answer to this was: just because nobody’s in the rehearsal studio with us while we are dancing or buying and analysing our paintings isn’t an excuse to not paint or dance.

Definitely an inspiring thought.

Is Print Dead? Funnily enough, I posted on this a while ago. How far will digital technologies go to completely eradicate and replace the book? Adrian stated that people will always choose the digital versions of massive textbooks over the heavy real life versions. But to be honest, every time I have a reading to do for class (which is about 2 readings per class per week), I print them off. Because nothing beats a good ol’ pen and highlighter to really absorb the information. I really can’t read a long paper off a computer screen and expect myself to get any of it. Secondly, I read a lot of fiction books. I’d much prefer the feel of a paperback book in my hands than the cold feel of an iPad when I’m killing time on an aeroplane.

But, I am just one person with one opinion. I bet a vast majority of people would prefer everything digital. Who knows what the future of print will hold?

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