The Network Apocalypse.

I saw a film last night. I won’t say it was a phenomenal film or an intellectually stimulating film, but it was very entertaining, very interesting and surprisingly very relevant. The World’s End is the latest instalment in the “The Flavours Cornetto Trilogy” written and directed by British comedic geniuses Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright.

It started off silly enough, with a bunch of friends attempting to re-live their childhood in a gruelling and infamous pub crawl known as the Golden Mile. When they all return to their childhood homes, they see that the town’s been replaced by spooky robot aliens or ‘blanks’ who are exact replicas of the townspeople but more robotalien-like.

Basically, the reason I’m blogging about it was that in the end, the giant boss who created and led the invasion was a giant light who called himself “THE NETWORK.” I know right?! Totally relevant! Anyway, in an interesting rant by The Network, it said things like “Have you noticed a drastic increase in communication technology?” claiming that it’s a brain control device by The Network to pull humans away from nature and their environment, becoming entirely dependent on technology to survive. For a silly British comedy, this was a pretty fascinating and deep concept.

After the heroes “stick it to the man,” The Network flips its shit and blows up the technological world. This was referred in the film as “when the lights went out,” catapulting humankind back into “the dark ages” with absolutely no technology. They once again relied on candles, fires and growing their own food.
It really made me think, how much longer can we burn through electricity and energy to cater to our technology-laden lives? Will there be a time where all the lights turn off? Will that be our apocalypse?

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