Class 1

Like starting any brand new class, I was a bit nervous but excited walking into Room 17 of Level 2 of Building 9 on Thursday at 9:30am. From the lecture, I got the impression that the subject would be a bit unconventional and abstract, so my expectations were varied and odd about class. However, the fact that we were handed three sheets of paper that essentially outlined what we would be doing for the entirety of the course really concreted my understanding of the course and I felt that within the guidelines of our assessments I could creatively flourish. After reading through the assignment sheets and wrapping my head around them, I began thinking of plenty of ideas of how I could make the most of the subject and for myself. I began thinking what I wanted out of the course and what my personal and academic goals are, all creative and logical ideas from my own personal Networking Media ‘ocean!’

Admittedly I spent a majority of class time choosing and perfecting my blog’s theme (time well spent, obviously…) but throughout the week found myself jotting down post ideas into notepads or my phone and trying to explore the technical side of this site to successfully utilise this opportunity. I’ve been looking at other blogs around the web and really starting getting my head around this whole ‘blogging’ tomfoolery.


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