Week 5 Media 6 Seminar Series

Today’s seminar is about Social Media, hosted by the charismatic personality, Ned Dorman. The seminar was both very strong in content as well as its technical aspects of production. After talking to a few of the crew memebers, Miguel Camacho and I were allowed to come into the seminar room 45 minutes prior to the start of the presentation. We watched as the camera crew set up positions in the room. Their setup included 2 HD video cameras (XL70) and a DSLR camera (650D), the first video cam was placed directly stage right and up 3 rows, the second was at the very back in the centre. The DSLR was used to gather close ups and stills from all sorts of angles around the room. The seminar ran rather ‘rigidly’ in structure that is to say they addressed each interviewee separately, i.e. 20 mins with each guest then they would leave stage, this was perhaps the only thing in their seminar which i could have viewed in a critical manner. I believe a much more effective procedure could have been to have all three guests be on stage for the same amount of time answering similar questions in a ‘discussion’ type setup, it just feels a less awkward way to present the guests… that is solely my opinion though. The aforementioned camera setup would also work best in a setting where the guest speakers were interacting with eachother as opposed to the interviewee to interviewer setup. I will talk to Max and Jess in regards to this matter, only one more week to go :/

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