Participation For IM1 – Self Assessment

What did you do well?


I can safely say that I was actively engaging with class discussions, especially those that pertained to the readings. From the start of the year I printed out all the set reading materials for the year and then filed them under a weekly system in my study, this perhaps is the best bit of advice i could give to anyone who struggles with procrastination and lack of incentive. Having a physical copy of the material at an easily accessible place led to myself being completely up to date and actually having valuable input during discussion in class and especially in my blog and general online persona.


What have you learnt to do better?


I have learnt how to approach a new piece of software (korsakov and now premiere). Often when told to use an unknown software program I freeze up and the whole process just seems out of my reach. But through the use of online tutorials this was SO much easier to approach, it is key to read up on what the software is actually used for first and then to go to youtube and search for a several step/stage tutorial on the basics.



What could you have learnt to do better?


I could have definitely improved on my general organisation of my blog and k-films. Often, I found myself searching for ages trying to find a document or post from my blog/hard drive because I didn’t use tags and links and i didn’t put my korsakov assets into specifically titled and layered folders.



Overall Average Mark: P+

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