Hypertext Fiction

I’m not entirely certain if I like the concept of a book with no decisive conclusion. For me, that has always been the great thing about a novel, (especially any fantasy adventure novel), to get swept up in author’s realm, with events occurring as they are imagined in my own mind. Reading has always been one of my beloved past times. I’ve always enjoyed getting absorbed in a good book, in a “ludic” state as mentioned in “The End of Books Reading”. When I discover a sincerely gratifying book, I can’t stop reading because I simply must find out what happens in the end. Would I feel the same way if I could pick the conclusion myself?

Maybe I would be unsatisfied by the fact that I could never find out the ‘actual’ end. I guess I would like there to be one. Nevertheless, having multiple possible conclusions would mean that I would get more enjoyment out of reading a book over and over again, trying to see where all my potential options would take the narrative. It would definitely be fun at times. The idea of hypertext fiction is nonetheless intriguing. It is an entirely different way for a story to be voiced. There would be distinctive understandings and analysis of the events each time you read it, the story itself therefore has the potential for greater complexity.

I concur with the author of the reading that books will never become nonexistent, I feel like they will always absolutely have a home in society so long as stories themselves do. I also think that interactive narratives will become increasingly popular in the future. There is a lot of potential for hypertext to develop into all sorts of unfound technological territory, and I think that’s exciting news…

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